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Registration now open for 2024 Herbal Apprenticeships!


Meet Suzanna Stone

Teacher, Clinical Herbalist, & Founder of
Owlcraft Healing Ways

Suzanna Stone is a teacher and practicing clinical herbalist with over twenty years of experience in herbal medicine, traditional foodways, and plant spirit medicine. She was raised in a home where plant medicine and whole foods were integral parts of health, which set the foundation for her life's work in herbal medicine. Suzanna teaches at a broad range of herb schools and conferences throughout the country. In 2008, she founded Owlcraft Healing Ways, an outdoor school of herbal medicine based in Scottsville, VA amongst the Blue Ridge foothill's beautiful nature and medicinal offerings. Her goal is to help facilitate the abilities of her students, clients, and each person she meets to gain direct connection with the plants and autonomy of self and healing.

Owlcraft Healing Way's classroom is fourteen acres of land that is home to an abundance of medicinal plants, both wild and cultivated. Through the three different apprenticeship programs, students are able to deepen their knowledge of the foundations of herbalism, clinical practice, and energetic herbalism and plant spirit medicine. 

Suzanna's life work and the mission of Owlcraft Healing Ways is to enable and empower all who feel called to connect more deeply with the herbal world. Owlcraft strives to bring forth each individual's ability and skills as a healer, bringing the power of herbal medicine and health back into the hands and hearts of the people. Healing, self-autonomy, and connection with the plants is a fundamental human right, and helps create a sustainable path towards a brighter collective future.

Meet Amelia

A weekly Zoom class, open to all skill levels.

Join Suzanna Stone every Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm EST for a virtual class covering weekly herbal topics including herbs for relaxation, herbs for healthy lungs, and medicine making. Open and accessible for all skill levels at $10 per person. Click below for registration details and a list of past topics!


Listen to Sarah Holmes' interview with Suzanna Stone on The Herbal Highway!

Sarah Holmes of Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine interviews Suzanna Stone for Karyn Sanders' and Sarah Holmes' radio show The Herbal Highway on 94.1 KPFA. The Herbal Highway is dedicated to providing free herbal information to the public. Learn more about The Herbal Highway here, and click the link below to listen!

Check out Suzanna's recent book contributions!

Meet Owlcraft's Helper

Since Suzanna founded Owlcraft Healing Ways in 2008 and taught the school's first apprenticeship, beloved Artemis brought joy and connection to each student who pet her, always offering her help whenever apprentices needed a little extra love and support. Since Artemis passed in 2020, young and enthusiastic Eleri has taken up her role as apprentices' loving and supportive companion, with a dash of playful mischief! 

Enabling and empowering those who feel called to connect more deeply with the herbal world. As your knowledge and connection with healing plants grows, so does your knowledge and connection with yourself. At Owlcraft Healing Ways, we strive to bring forward each individual's ability and skills as a healer, bringing the power of herbal medicine and health back into the hands and hearts of the people.
Owlcraft is dedicated to facilitating a supportive, fulfilling, and empowering environment for individuals of all identities from all walks of life. Discrimination, the devaluing or questioning of marginalized individuals' life experiences, harmful jokes or comments, or any other type of discriminatory behavior, will not be tolerated from any student. Owlcraft aims to create a space that LGBTQ+ individuals, Black and Indigenous individuals, POC, disabled individuals, neurodivergent individuals, and individuals of all ages can all feel comfortable in. Suzanna maintains that anyone can communicate with her if they feel their needs are not being addressed.
Owlcraft Healing Ways operates with awareness of the continued impact of settler colonialism on Indigenous communities and individuals, as well as the widespread issue of non-Indigenous herbalists using the practices and knowledge systems of different Indigenous cultures without attribution, connection, training, or authority to do so. Suzanna strongly stands for paying reparations and returning land to Indigenous communities and actively seeks to dismantle non-Indigenous herbalism's continued appropriation of Indigenous knowledge systems, while also continuing working to learn more about the effects of colonialism and current injustices faced by Indigenous communities.

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